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NVRH Announces New Heart Healthy Video Series

by | Jul 26, 2022 | In the News

ST. JOHNSBURY, VT (July 26, 2022) – Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital (NVRH) announces new Heart Healthy Video Series to serve as a resource for community members to improve their health and reduce their risk of heart disease.

The Heart Healthy Video Series, which is made possible thanks to the Vermont Department of Health 1815 grant, consists of one introduction video and six educational videos. Topics include minimally processed foods, fats and cholesterols, sodium, added sugars, produce and plants and reading food labels.

The video series is hosted by NVRH Food Service Manager Travis Chapman and NVRH Patient Nutrition Coordinator Chad Proulx, NDTR.

“We hope the Heart Health Video Series will be a dynamic way for patients who are accessing NVRH primary care to learn simple ways to improve their health,” Chapman said. “Each video focuses on a specific topic, and they end with a recipe and a cooking demo. This way, we’re not only providing education on how to prepare healthier meals, we’re actually showing you that it can be fun and easy.”

“The recipes were intentionally selected with the palate of the Kingdom in mind, “Chad added. “The demos are tailored to even the most novice of cooks.”

Looking beyond the conventional care delivery role of hospitals and healthcare providers, NVRH believes that increasing education around food and improving food access can help address some of the root causes of poor health. Which is why NEK Prosper!, the Caledonia and southern Essex Accountable Health Community – of which NVRH is a founding member – will soon be displaying Food Hero recipes at all three White Market locations.

Food Hero, the strategy of NEK Prosper!’s Well Nourished CAN, is a multi-channel social marketing campaign. It was developed at Oregon State University, and highlights fruits and vegetables.

“To improve health long-term, we need to integrate what we offer our community members,” NVRH Health Service Area Practice Facilitator Mandy Chapman said. “For example, it’s not just offering education, or just increasing access to vegetables. It’s helping folks get healthy food into their kitchens and then showing them ways to prepare it that are fun, easy and ultimately sustainable.”

To watch the Heart Healthy Video Series and access more heart healthy information, visit