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Community Health Fund

Application and Award Information

The NVRH Community Health Fund ensures consistent and continuous funding for community health programs and services and confirms the hospital’s ongoing commitment to community health improvement.

The NVRH Community Health Fund supports a community building approach that goes beyond the delivery of medical care, to improve the health and quality of life for people in the communities we serve. Community building addresses the root cause of health problems such as poverty related issues, as well as identifying and providing services and programs that directly influence health and quality of life.

The application period for 2019/2020 ended November 1, 2019 and is now closed.

Down the application and budget form here.

NVRH funded the following programs in 2018-19

Training for Senior Meal Site Coordinators and Cooks

Organization: NEK Council on Aging
Amount: $3588.00
Priority Area of Focus: Well Nourished
Description: Collaborating with St. Johnsbury Academy Culinary Arts, the Council on Aging will provide hands on meal preparation training for senior meal site coordinators and cooks. The goal of the training is to increase the amount of freshly prepared food and reduced the amount of less healthy processed food.

Farm to School: Building Self-Sustaining Programming at Local Schools

Organization: Green Mountain Farm to School
Amount: $1500.00
Priority Area of Focus: Well Nourished
Description: GMFTS will work in the Kingdom East Supervisory Union to create self-sustaining farm to school programs by investing in school staff capacity and resource development to equip educators with the skills and abilities needed to embed farm to school into the school culture and reach across the classroom, cafeteria, and community.

Supportive Housing for Youth in Transitional Housing

Organization: NEK Youth Services
Amount: $4000.00
Priority Area of Focus: Well Housed
Description: Supportive services for youth in transitional housing will include: assistance finishing high school or getting a GED, basic job skills, money management and budgeting, career counseling, problem solving skills, apartment hunting, and social skills for healthy relationships.

Earn a Bike

Organization: LINK
Amount: $3000.00
Priority Area of Focus: Physically Healthy
Description: In this mentored learning/earning/gifting bicycle program, participants mechanically overhaul a bicycle, learn how to safely ride, earn that repaired bike, and then repair another one to give away.

Day Trips for Seniors

Organization: Good Living Senior Center
Amount: $2912.00
Priority Area of Focus: Mentally Healthy
Description: Five day-trips will provide unique experiences, social interaction and fresh activities to an aging population with limited mobility and independence. They expect to service over 300 folks with trips this year. The grant will help those who cannot afford to pay the extra for the transportation, and gives those on limited incomes the opportunity to take advantage of the trips.


Food for People in Southern Essex County

Organization: Sid’s Pantry
Amount: $2500.00
Priority Area of Focus: Well Nourished
Description: Sid’s Pantry provides a monthly food source for food insecure people living in southern Essex County.


More Information

For more information contact
Laural Ruggles at 802-748-7590.

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