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Patient Family Advisory Council

Do you want to work collaboratively with community members and healthcare professionals?

Are you looking to enhance the quality and experience of care delivered to our families, friends and neighbors? When you’re a member of our Patient Family Advisory Council, you can empower staff, patients, and families through advocacy and informed change.

Objectives include:
  1. Promote patient and family advocacy by eliciting perspectives and utilizing feedback to inform change.
  2. Increase patient and family involvement in their care.
  3. Empower staff to provide compassionate, sensitive, and supportive care through feedback from the patient/family perspective.
Member Eligibility and Qualifications
Member Eligibility and Qualifications include:
  1. Good interpersonal skills.
  2. Respect diversity and differing opinions.
  3. Commitment to maintain open communication with other council members and ad hoc guests.
  4. Demonstrate interest in partnering with a diverse group of staff, patients and families to improve health care.
  5. Be positive and candid in your approach to sharing insights, information, and opinions in a group setting while remaining objective and constructive, understanding that each person’s experience differs.
  6. Have a passion for enhancing the health care experience for patients and families.
Roles and Responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities include:
  1. Respect and protect the confidentiality of patients, family members, and employees at all times and in all circumstances.
  2. Uphold NVRH’s mission, vision, and values.
  3. Provide ongoing feedback to assist NVRH in continually improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of care provided.
  4. Share perspectives, experiences, and advice in a variety of settings and situations.
  5. Strengthen communication and collaboration between patients, families and other caregivers, staff, and volunteers.
  6. Promote information sharing between NVRH, patients, families, and other community members.
  7. Promote Patient/Family Centered Care initiatives.

In the past year, have you (or a family member) received services at NVRH?

Do you have experience with:

Are you able to make a commitment to attend one hour, monthly meetings for a term of three years?


Looking for more info?

Call Jillian Knight at 802-748-7421 or email