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Jennifer Legacy-Gray, PT

Northern Physical Therapy

Northern Physical Therapy

569 Main Street
Lyndonville, Vermont 05851




  • University of Vermont: BS Physical Therapy

“I originally wanted to become a Physical Therapist to help people feel better.  Now, 13+ years after getting my B.S. in Physical Therapy from U.V.M. and after practicing in various settings, I have learned that helping people feel better is not always a simple task.  The outpatient setting is really where my PT passion lies.  I originally started working at NPT in 2007 after moving back to my family roots in the Northeast Kingdom.  I now have a few extra tools in my belt to help patients along the path to recovery from specialized continuing education courses in the Graston technique, Pilates for rehabilitation, vestibular training and canalith repositioning.  I’ve learned the importance of treating patients as more than just injured body parts and how that approach, for me and my patients, has resulted in some great outcomes.  People often ask if it’s boring to see different patients for the same injuries day after day and year after year and I tell them no because everybody is very different and no two injuries recover the exact same way.  I enjoy the challenge of helping people feel better, but what I enjoy even more is giving people the knowledge to help themselves feel better.”