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Baby born on Interstate reunites with team that delivered her!

by | May 31, 2024 | In the News

Calex ambulance and NVRH crew

Group Photo: Left to Right, Thomas Reed, Emersyn & Desiree Lacoss, George Foy, Madilyn Lacoss, Deborah St. George.

In all of George Foy’s 39 years in nursing, including those spent as a registered nurse (RN) at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital (NVRH) in the Army and as an EMT, he never encountered what he did last October. That’s when he and Calex Ambulance Services’ EMT, Deborah St. George, delivered a 6 lb. baby girl in the back of an ambulance. It was a first time ever inter-facility transport delivery for Foy, St. George and Paramedic, Thomas Reed.

“I think I’ve had a hand in hundreds of births here at the hospital, but never one on the road!” Foy said. “It was pretty exciting.” added St. George.

Bump in the road, speeds up delivery.

Baby girl, Madilyn Lacoss, was born October 2, 2023 on I-91 South in route to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC). Mom, Desiree, was in early labor at 33 weeks, and with a previous cesarean section the decision was made to transport her from NVRH to DHMC in the hopes she could deliver naturally. And naturally, she did! “We called DHMC to say that she was in labor and that birth was imminent. Then just a few minutes later, we called to say, the baby had been born!” said Foy.

Reed and Foy credit the rapid onset delivery to the “Bradford Bridge Bump.” “It’s a bump in the road around mile maker 97, near the Bradford exit,” Reed said. It wasn’t long after, that Desiree indicated that contractions were coming on strong and that she felt pressure. Moments later, Madilyn made her debut. “She practically delivered herself,” said George. When the ambulance arrived at DHMC, their staff was waiting.

NVRH and Calex crew celebrate with the Lacoss family

Thomas Reed, Paramedic

Thomas Reed: Paramedic, Thomas Reed of Calex Ambulance Service holds the golden stork pin presented by Chief Michael Wright.

On April 10th, George, the Calex ambulance crew, mom, baby Madilyn and big sister Emersyn, were finally able to meet up in the NVRH Community Health Resource Center. Calex Chief, Michael Wright, presented the Calex crew and Foy with golden stork pins in gratitude for their service. A special sticker will also be placed on the ambulance designating its transport delivery. Desiree and Emersyn got flowers and everyone took turns holding Madilyn, who was all smiles.

NVRH and Calex have a “wonderful, collaborative partnership,” said Wright. “Anytime we have a patient in labor needing transport, we include an RN from the NVRH Birth Center. We all work together to ensure best patient outcomes.”

To see video of the reunion click here

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