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Tribute Gifts (Honor & Memorial)

You can make a gift to honor someone special here .

Honor gifts are a special way to acknowledge the important people in your life. Honor gifts are often given on special occasions:
  • a friend's or relative's birthday
  • graduation
  • anniversary
  • holidays like christmas, Hanukkah, Mother's Day, and Father's Day
  • appreciation for someone's kindness or to recognize thier impact on your life
Memorial gifts made to NVRH are testimonials to the meaningfulness of a life that has passed on. This is a truly caring way to remember those you love and hold dear to your heart, as well as making an investment in the lives of those who remain behind.

Honor or Memorial gifts can be given on-line, using a credit card, or by mail, or over the phone.

When making a gift:
  • Donors should be sure to indicate that their contribution is a honor gift or a memorial gift and include the name(s) of those being honor or memorialized.
  • Donors should also be sure to provide the names and addresses of anyone whom they wish to receive an acknowledgmnet of their donation. If making this donation on-line, include this information in the "Gift Information" section of the on-line form.
When a Honor or Memorial gift is received by NVRH, a letter is sent to the donor to acknowledge the gift, as well as to any persons that the donor indicates should reveive an acknowledgment letter. This may include the  family of the deceased or the person being honored, informing them of your kindness. The letter will show the name of the person being memeorilized or honored and the name of the donor or donors. (The amount of the gift is not revealed.)


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